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Justin Plaskov, a Partner at Jester Gibson & Moore, LLP runs the employment practice known as Colorado Employee Advocates. Throughout his career, he has had considerable success in obtaining large victories on behalf of his clients. He is joined by three associates who provide efficient and excellent legal services; and he practices alongside Brian T. Moore—a top-rated employment attorney who has decades of noteworthy success. No matter which attorney you consult with, you can be assured that attorneys from the entire team of Colorado Employee Advocates are available and do assist our clients—and at least one senior-level attorney is assigned to each case we take.

A couple of recent public victories include:

  • A settlement against Jackson National Life Insurance involving race and gender discrimination and retaliation for $20.5 million in a multi-plaintiff case.
  • A jury verdict of nearly $15 million against Matheson Trucking, Inc., in a lawsuit involving race and national origin discrimination and retaliation.

Justin Plaskov and Brian Moore are top-rated lawyer by Super Lawyers.