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Case Results

  • $19 million settlement
    $19 million settlement for gender discrimination against Outback Steakhouse
  • $485,000 settlement
    $485,000 settlement on behalf of a qui tam plaintiff who was terminated after complaining that his employer was fraudulently selling grenade launchers to the federal government.
  • $5.5 million settlement
    $5.5 million settlement for discrimination and retaliation against Home Depot.
  • $7.7 million settlement
    $7.7 million settlement against the Denver Mint
  • Insurer To Pay $20.5 Million To End EEOC Race And Sex Bias Suit
    The $20.5 million deal is the largest ever secured by the EEOC’s Phoenix and Denver offices. The deal also enjoins Jackson from engaging in future discrimination and requires that it train workers on their obligations.
  • Jury Verdict Of Nearly $15 Million
    A jury verdict of nearly $15 Million against Matheson Trucking, Inc., in a lawsuit involving race and national origin discrimination and retaliation.