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Noncompete Agreements

Protecting Your Right to Pursue the Future You Want

Many Colorado workers enter employment agreements containing nondisclosure, noncompetition and nonsolicitation clauses that can impede their smooth transition into other jobs and careers. These restrictions both during and after employment can prevent an executive, partner or another working professional from earning a living in their own industry for a lengthy time frame after employment ends, as well as from soliciting employees, clients and/or customers after leaving employment. Let the Denver noncompete lawyers at Colorado Employee Advocates help you fight to protect your rights.

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Fighting For Your Interests

Noncompete clauses pop up in initial employment agreements, unusual contracts that employees are required to sign in order to continue their employment with a particular company or as a condition to receiving perks and bonuses. Individuals can also be prevented from starting a new business and from hiring former employees.

Ideally, you would consult with Colorado Employee Advocates the minute you are presented with an agreement to sign. Early understanding of the contract can help you know more about the consequences of entering said agreement or how the agreement could be tailored based on the current state of the law in this arena to be more protective of your interests.

If you would like to consult with us about the ramifications of an agreement you already signed, rest assured you are in good hands. Our noncompete attorneys have vast experience with these agreements and have the knowledge to help you narrow the scope of these clauses. It is possible to strategically ensure that this agreement does not jeopardize your future employment if any.

Why Work With Colorado Employee Advocates?

It can be taxing on your wallet if you enter into such an agreement without the benefit of counsel helping you to negotiate its terms. If you “breach” such an agreement, you may find yourself being sued in court, with your former employer seeking an injunction or temporary restraining order. Defending yourself in one of these actions can be prohibitively expensive. However, if you consulted with an experienced employment attorney before signing one of these agreements, it’s less likely you will be slapped with this type of lawsuit.

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