Passionately Fighting For You

Fighting For Fairness Against Racial Discrimination

Proving race-based discrimination in the workplace is not easy. At Colorado Employee Advocates, our team is ready to tackle it. We have devoted our practice to protecting the rights of workers in Denver County and the surrounding area of Colorado.

While you might feel as if the situation you face is hopeless, it is not. Our accomplished attorneys have recovered multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements for numerous victims of employment discrimination.

What Laws Protect My Rights?

Under the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, it is against the law for employers to discriminate against workers based on race or color. In addition to this federal law, Colorado has its own statutes that protect the rights of workers of color. Statute § 24-34-402 prohibits employers from engaging in discriminatory or unfair employment practices such as race-based discrimination, retaliation or wrongful termination.

Do I Really Need A Lawyer?

Taking the step to hire an employment attorney can seem drastic. Perhaps you have already tried reaching out to human resources. Unfortunately, HR is an advocate for your employer’s rights, not yours.

Hiring a lawyer can make the difference between being fired and keeping your job plus recovering financial compensation. In our practice, we have helped thousands of workers in a variety of industries. Even more impressive? Our proven track record of getting high settlements and awards for our clients.

Take A Stance Against Race-Based Discrimination

You do not have to fight this fight alone. Colorado Employee Advocates is the skilled, experienced team to have on your side. To  learn more about how to schedule a consultation with our lawyers, please call our Denver office at 720-759-2795 or send us an email.