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Protecting Colorado Workers From Employer Retaliation

When you see misconduct or illegal activity at your workplace, don’t be afraid to speak up! Taking legal action against an employer can be intimidating, but you are protected by law to file a complaint whether you win the case or not.

At Colorado Employee Advocates, our Denver whistleblower lawyers have over two decades of experience standing up for workers all over the state of Colorado. If you are prepared to whistleblow against your employer and want a trustworthy and aggressive legal advocate on your side, please don’t hesitate to reach out for the support and representation you deserve right away. Regardless of how shocking your claim or the size of your employer, we are prepared to fight for you.

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What Is A Whistleblower?

A “whistleblower” is someone who brings harassment or illegal activity at a workplace out into the open so that the people responsible can be held accountable. The law provides protections for whistleblowers so that employers will be held accountable if they attempt retaliation.

Many workers witness harmful and unfair practices on the job but are afraid to report them out of fear of how their employer will react. This is what those responsible are counting on. A workplace is like its own small society where you are subject to a different set of rules and power structures. It can feel like the outside rules don’t apply there but they do. We can help you uphold your rights should you choose to come forward with such information.

What Is Retaliation & How Can I Stop It from Happening?

When a qui tam (whistleblower) claim is filed, you are instantly protected from retaliation from your employer so long as the claim was filed in good faith. Even if your coworker or employer isn’t found guilty of misconduct, you were still within your rights to file the claim and are protected.

There are many ways an employer can attempt retaliation, such as:

  • Terminating the whistleblower or their friends
  • Denying the whistleblower deserved promotions or raises
  • Docking the whistleblower’s wages
  • Changing the whistleblower’s hours
  • Excluding the whistleblower from staff meetings
  • Transferring a whistleblower to a different department for seemingly no reason

If you believe that your employer is retaliating against you, you will need to prove that they would not have taken these actions in normal circumstances. Save any positive performance reviews you have received in the past, take notice of how your employer treats your coworkers and save all emails or instant messages between you and your employer.

We Can Fight for You

Taking action against an employer is not easy, but you did the right thing by speaking up. Now, let the experienced whistleblower attorneys of Colorado Employee Advocates in Denver fight for your rights. We want to help you create a work environment that is comfortable and harassment-free.

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