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Age discrimination has become increasingly common in recent years

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2022 | Age Discrimination

More and more employers are being held accountable for wrongdoing in the workplace. This is true in Colorado and throughout the United States. In the last few years, much of the discussion has centered on sexual harassment, racial discrimination, gender discrimination and discrimination based on sexual orientation.

This is understandable given the prevalence of these incidents occurring. However, there are other forms of discrimination that are getting increased attention because of how much more frequently they are happening. Age discrimination is one. People who think they have been mistreated on the job, have been terminated or faced other actionable violations should know how to recognize it and take the necessary steps to put a stop to it.

Changes in workplaces and workforces are impacting older people

Much has been said about people choosing to quit their jobs to pursue their goals. That is known as the “Great Resignation.” For people age 50 and older, they have been left out in the cold not by choice but due to conscious decisions by their employers.

During the recent health crisis, people were laid off from their jobs because there was no business and many were completely shut down. When society incrementally returned to normal, many workers were welcomed back. That was not always true for older workers.

Statistically, two of three people who had lost work were rehired by their employer. But for those 50 and older, it was slightly less: 30%. Many think this is because of age discrimination. Employers may have taken the opportunity to replace their older workforce with younger workers whose salaries might be less than what returning older employees would get.

AARP has conducted surveys about this issue. Prior to the health crisis, 60% of people 45 and older said they saw age discrimination with others or experienced it themselves. In the first year after, it rose to 78%.

Older people who are trying to find employment are also facing roadblocks. This is believed to be due to the algorithms many employers are using to narrow down the list of candidates. A person’s age and terminology in the application process have been found to eliminate them from jobs they would otherwise be perfectly suited to do.

Recognizing age discrimination and pursuing a claim may require legal help

As people are living longer and healthier lives, it might come as a surprise that there is still age discrimination happening in many workplaces. While a person’s age should not have a negative impact on their ability to do the jobs they are qualified and experienced in doing, it is happening with a worrisome frequency.

Age discrimination can happen to people in any job and education level. As this information shows, people should be vigilant in recognizing when it is possible that their status was hindered by their age or perceptions about their age. There are available options to hold employers accountable for all types of discrimination.

In cases where age discrimination is believed to have taken place, the worker should think about how to proceed with a legal claim. Consulting with qualified professionals who have a wealth of experience in pursuing cases against corporations and businesses that committed age discrimination is key to forming a strategy and achieving justice.