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Your career and the future of noncompete agreements

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2024 | Non-Compete Agreements

A career in technology can be very rewarding. The field is forever evolving and advancing, making it a relevant and important component in most industries. However, the field is competitive, and businesses need to protect their intellectual property and trade secrets. With this in mind, many employees in this field encountered non-disclosure and noncompete agreements when they were initially offered their position.

However, the world of noncompete agreements in Colorado has shifted, making many of these agreements void or very limited. Thus, it is important to understand how these changes impact you, your job and your future career endeavors.

Noncompete agreements

The purpose of a noncompete agreement is to protect the employer. When an employee leaves the company, this agreement could impact their ability to easily make a transition to another employer.

In recent years, the enforceability and legality of noncompetes has been limited in Colorado, and possibly nationwide. As a result, many such agreements may be found void if they go to court. However, some may not.

At Colorado Employee Advocates, our law firm understands the complexities and even burdens that can come with a noncompete clause in your employment contract. Our law firm is aware of these recent changes, noting the significant impacts this can have for employees, certain occupations and employers.

Our attorneys take the time to work diligently through the details of the matter, helping our clients gain a full perspective of their matter and their rights. Our goal is to ensure the rights of our clients are protected when determining the legality of their noncompete agreement.

Current law and exceptions

In any employment law matter, it is vital that you understand your rights as an employee or a former employee. Cases involving noncompete agreements can quickly become complex and confusing, especially if you are unsure of its enforceability. A legal professional can answer any questions or concerns you have.