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Key facts about the EEOC and your workplace discrimination claim

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2023 | Discrimination

Most employees in Colorado – but especially employees of the federal government – know that if they make a discrimination claim against their employer then the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is likely to be involved in the process. If this applies to your potential discrimination claim, it can help to know some key facts about the EEOC and how the agency will be involved in your possible claim.

Key EEOC facts

For starters, there are plenty of federal laws that protect workers in Colorado and throughout the country – so many, in fact, that it can be hard to keep them all straight. The EEOC may be involved in your claim if, for example, it is a claim under the Equal Pay Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act or the Americans with Disabilities Act. There are a few other civil rights laws that could also come into play, among others. The EEOC is usually involved in the enforcement of these laws.

And, of course, the EEOC investigates claims to determine whether or not discrimination of any kind actually occurred in the situation that is detailed in a claim. Discrimination could occur in the hiring or firing of an employee, with promotions or selections for training or even harassment could be part of the claim.

What you need to remember

There are time limits involved in pursuing an employment discrimination claim in Colorado, which can be particularly significant for federal employees. The EEOC will not investigate claims that are filed outside of the appropriate timeframe for the legal violation in question. If you are dealing with the EEOC as part of a potential discrimination claim, be sure to know how these key facts, and others, will impact your legal rights.