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Why sexual harassment is so common in the restaurant industry

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2024 | Sexual Harrassment

Sexual harassment continues to run rampant in Colorado’s workplaces. But looking at the issue country-wide, it appears that those who work in the hospitality sector, specifically those who work at restaurants, are more susceptible to this horrible behavior. In fact, some studies have shown that at one point as many as 90% of women and 70% of men in the restaurant industry reported being subjected to sexually harassing behavior.

Why is sexual harassment in the restaurant industry so prevalent?

There are several contributing factors to sexual harassment in this industry. This includes:

  • A mentality that the customer is always right, which oftentimes deters management from putting a stop to harassing behavior initiated by customers.
  • A tip-driven income approach that forces harassed workers to suppress their complaints if they want to maximize their income.
  • Power dynamics that drive employees to stay quiet about harassing behavior out of fear that they’ll be retaliated against, which could include being terminated from their job.
  • High turnover rates, which means that those who have been harassed against tend to just leave their job rather than report it and take action against it, thereby spurring a cycle of harassing behavior forward.

Regardless of why sexual harassment is so prevalent in the restaurant industry, it isn’t acceptable. That’s why if you’ve been harassed against, you should be prepared to take legal action.

Are you ready to fight for what you deserve after being sexually harassed?

If so, then you need to start building your legal claim. This will require gathering strong evidence and crafting persuasive legal arguments. That might sound like a lot to do, but by being diligent in the preparation of your case, you can find comfort and direction as you move forward with your case.